2018 Winter Olympics: Jamie Anderson uses bark, crystals and seeds to stay calm

When Jamie Anderson successfully defended her gold medal in women's snowboard slopestyle at the 2018 Winter Olympics on Sunday, she did so amid dangerously gusty winds that put plenty of others at risk.

How did the 27-year-old Team USA standout stay so calm in such a rocky climate?

Easy, according to Time magazine.

Tree bark, Hawaiian seeds and a couple of crystals.

In an Olympic Games that's unleashed a little hero in Red Gerard and offered plenty of commentary from and about figure skater Adam Rippon, Anderson might quietly have the most fascinating, if not unique, story behind her success.

Carrying a "pharmacy full of herbal remedies," as reported by Time's Sean Gregory, the California native is apparently a self-proclaimed "serious hippie" who does everything from hug trees to burn incense before her competitions. Raised in and around nature, Anderson said her luggage for Pyeongchang included some especially earthly motivations:

"I have like a little altar set up at every hotel," Anderson says. "It's pretty sweet." For the Olympics, she packed crystals -- smoky quartz and clear quartz -- a piece of bark, seed from a Hawaiian temple, and various essential oils. She brought frankincense and lavender to the mountain for her Olympic coronation.

Anderson's boyfriend, Canadian Olympic snowboarder Tyler Nicholson, is also quoted as saying the Team USA gold medalist has "a little bit of a gypsy personality," which Anderson embraced to the tune of her second slopestyle gold on Sunday.

The first female snowboarder to win more than a single gold at the Olympics, Anderson is also a reputed veteran of the Winter X Games.

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