One day after a shadow boxing and a dance routine turned Michael Phelps into a complete bulldog and continued to stoke a budding swimming rivalry, South African swimmer Chad Le Clos failed to back up his taunts by finishing fourth in the 200-meter butterfly final at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Le Clos helped fire up one of the biggest meme machines in recent years with a little shucking and jiving in front of Phelps during the pre-race room.

Phelps turned into the world's angriest animal and promptly went out and secured a middle lane in the finals of the fly race for Tuesday night.

Then he did what the greatest American Olympian -- by medal count only there is no question -- usually does. He won a gold medal by dominating the competition. Things tightened up for Phelps at the end, and they got real weird for Le Clos, who didn't even medal.

As you might imagine, the loss led to a little Wikipedia vandalism for Le Clos, who "died by the hands of Michael Phelps, being literally blown out of the water by the greatest American since Abraham Lincoln."

Phelps left the young man with a little finger wag to remind him that when you come at the king, you best not miss.