Adam Rippon's haters keep tweeting at the wrong Adam Rippon, and he's loving it

If you're going to go to through the trouble of sending someone nasty hate mail, you should at least make sure it goes to its intended recipient. Yet somehow it seems that a significant percentage of the nasty trolls that live online have trouble spewing their hate in the correct direction, and we're seeing more of that during the 2018 Olympics in Pyeongchang. Well, at least 37-year-old Adam Rippon is seeing more of that. 

That Adam Rippon lives in Oakland, Calif., and works as a video game designer. He is not competing as a figure skater in the Olympics right now, nor has he ever competed in the Olympics in any event. 

However, there is an Adam Rippon competing in this year's Winter Games. That would be 27-year-old American figure skater Adam Rippon, who has had a great showing in South Korea so far. Not only did he win bronze earlier this week, but he also has gained international attention and endeared himself to many with his sense of humor and outgoing personality

After competing on Sunday night, Rippon joked in a live TV interview that he needed a Xanax and a drink to calm himself down. He soon became a trending topic and a viral sensation. 

American figure skater Adam Rippon won his first Olympic medal earlier this week. USATSI

But Rippon has made headlines for other reasons, and apparently not everyone is a fan. He's the first openly gay American to medal at the Winter Olympics and he hasn't exactly had kind words for United States Vice President Mike Pence, whose political policies have challenged the rights of the LGBTQ community.

Pence is leading the U.S. delegation in South Korea, and Rippon (the figure skater) has gone on record as saying that the VP "doesn't stand for anything that I really believe in." He also has said that he's not eager to meet with Pence or visit the White House after his experience in Pyeongchang.

Because of this, the other Adam Rippon has received some digital correspondence from people wanting to let him know that they aren't big fans of him. That includes a Twitter user named "Grumpygrampa2," who apparently believes that the word 'idiot' is an acronym.

Seriously, someone has to tell this guy it's not an acronym.

The jury is still out on whether this account is run by an actual grumpy grandpa struggling with the internet and the English language, or whether it's just one of those right-wing bots. 

Either way, the 37-year-old Rippon says it's not the only account that's been misguided since the start of Olympic season. 

Fortunately, the elder Rippon not only doesn't mind getting a portion of his athletic counterpart's hate mail, he actually seems to be enjoying it. 

"[I] love it," Rippon, the video game designer, told Kotaku this week. "I might get tired of the constant tweets if they keep up for more than a few weeks, but I'm having fun with it so far! Like Reese Witherspoon tweeting about Adam Rippon made my year."

"It's been pretty fun...I love what he stands for, I LOVE that he's getting in fights with Mike Pence," said Rippon. "And damn dude, he can skate like crazy."

It's great that he's handling all this hoopla so well, but by far the greatest part of this whole story comes when the game designer compared his own physique to that of the Olympic skater.

"Adam Rippon's body is like that of some sort of atomic-powered sex cheetah, and mine is like a potato-powered sex sloth. Clearly different people."

While it might be very easy to tell them apart, it's becoming increasingly difficult to figure out which Rippon is more likable. 

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