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Reigning Olympic BMX gold medalist Connor Fields reportedly suffered a broken rib, bruised lung and a brain hemorrhage from his crash in Friday's 2020 Tokyo Olympics semifinals. The 28-year-old American has no new bleeding or head injuries, however, according to USA Today.

Midway through the third semifinal heat's first turn, Fields' front wheel awkwardly landed on another cyclist's back wheel. That collision sent Fields' face flying into the ground and forced two other cyclists to tumble atop him. Fields then left the track on a stretcher and headed to the hospital.

Fields -- who underwent CT scans on his brain, spine and abdomen in Tokyo -- has been released from the critical care unit but remains in the hospital, according to USA Today. Mike Fields, the BMX racer's father, said the results have thus far been "pretty positive" and they are hoping to fly home in about five days.

"Cognitively, he's doing well,'' Mike Fields said, via USA Today. "He knows where he is. He knows his birthday. He recognizes people."

Fields has competed in three Olympics and won gold in the 2016 Rio Games. He was in strong position to medal again, as he left the semifinal race in second place. The Netherlands' Niek Kimmann, Britain's Kye Whyte and Colombia's Carlos Alberto Ramirez Yepes eventually took home gold, silver and bronze, respectively.