American bobsledder Johnny Quinn gets stuck in bathroom, bursts out

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Accommodations in Sochi have been a pretty popular topic in the days leading up and into the Winter Olympics, most about the state of the hotels and Olympic village. Apparently the list of issues includes faulty doors.

It's either that or it's just what American bobsledder Johnny Quinn wants you to believe.

Quinn, one of the breakmen for the second American sleigh in Sochi, was doing something rather benign on Saturday, taking a shower. It was not long after the door closed and stayed closed. And because most people don't take the phone into the bathroom when they shower, he was stuck.

That's when this happened:

It looks like the Americans have a pretty strong pusher on their hands, so that's good.

Given the other bathroom setups we've seen in Sochi, perhaps Quinn should be happy he had a door to get stuck behind in the first place, though he doesn't have much of one left.

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