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On Thursday, Athletes Unlimited announced a partnership with CBS Sports Network and Fox Sports to broadcast their inaugural volleyball season. The season begins February 27 and is scheduled to go on until March 29.

The partnership means 22 of the 30 matches will be broadcast live on television, with CBS Sports Network airing seven in the United States and Canada and Fox Sports airing 15. 

CBS Sports Network will air each week's final match. 

Athletes Unlimited will stream the other eight matches through other digital partners. 

Dan Weinberg, CBS Sports Executive Vice President, Programming detailed past success with Athletes Unlimited.

"We were very pleased with the success of the Athletes Unlimited Softball season earlier this year and look forward to continued success with Volleyball in 2021 on CBS Sports Network," he said. "We're excited to bring the innovative competition with some of the best players in the sport to Volleyball fans across the US."

Jon Patricof, CEO and Co-Founder of Athletes Unlimited, commented on the news, saying "The opportunity to work with CBS and Fox Sports to broadcast our matches and showcase our world-class athletes across a variety of platforms is exactly what Athletes Unlimited is all about. Volleyball is a massive global sport and is always one of the top-rated sports during the Olympics. Our TV partnerships will ensure we are providing the widest and biggest platform the sport has ever received at the pro level in both English and Spanish."

Kevin Barnett and Salima Rockwell will be the broadcast team for the entire season.

Athletes Unlimited Volleyball will see some of the best in the sport, featuring 44 players total and seven Olympians. 

Some major names that will participate are two-time Olympic medalist Jordan Larson, Olympic medalist Karsta Lowe, two-time Olympic champion Sheilla Castro, and Bethania de la Cruz, an Olympian and Two-time Pan American Games Champion.

Athletes Unlimited aims to bring a unique and intense version of the sport, where individual athletes can earn points based on their own performance.

Teams will change each week, and the top four athletes in the standings will serve as captains and draft their teams.