Beds at Tokyo Athletes Village in 2020 Olympics will be made from recyclable cardboard

This year the beds at the Athletes Villages for the Olympics and Paralympics will look and feel a little different. They will be made of cardboard, according to the Associated Press. Yes, cardboard. While it does not seem like the best material to sleep on, those working for the games have ensured everyone that the cardboard being used is sturdy and the beds will be safe to sleep on.

Speaking with an interpreter, the general manager of the Athletes Village Takashi Kitajima revealed that the beds can support up to 200 kilograms, which is around 440 pounds.

 "They are stronger than wooden beds," Kitajima said.

While Kitajima has ensured they are safe to sleep on, he did acknowledge that jumping on the beds, say, in celebration of a victory, would cause it to break, which he claimed would happen if it was made of wood.

The beds being made from cardboard was a decision based off the village wanted to use recycled items.

"The organizing committee was thinking about recyclable items, and the bed was one of the ideas," Kitajima said, adding that Airweave Inc., an Olympic sponsor, is to thank for carrying through with the idea.

After the games, the beds will be recycled into paper and the parts of the bed not made of cardboard, like the mattress, will be turned into plastic. 

They said this is the first time renewable materials were used to make the beds and the bedding for the games.

The athletes in the Olympics and Paralympics will be able to change the firmness of the beds and they are divided in three sections, which can all be adjusted differently. 

The Athletes Villages along Tokyo Bay will be done in June, but for now they are displaying a sneak peak of what the rooms will look like. 

When they are completed, the complex will have 21 apartments and 18,000 beds. The units are expected to sell afterwards for 54 million yen, or $500,000.

The Olympics will kick off on July 24 and the Paralympics will start on August 25. 

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