Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Hockey test
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China will be participating in the Olympic men's ice hockey tournament at the 2022 Beijing Olympics. The decision comes after it was reported that the International Ice Hockey Federation was considering removing China from the tournament as a result of being ranked No. 32 in the world and having an "insufficient sporting standard."

On Tuesday, the IIHF concluded its three-day meeting in Zurich and decided that China's team will remain in the Olympic tournament.

"To be clear, the IIHF is not going to remove the Chinese team from the Olympic Games, the status of the men's national team as a host nation participant in the Olympic ice hockey tournament was confirmed by Congress and remains unchanged." IIHF President Luc Tardif said. "We are working with the CIHA to confirm their player eligibility according to IIHF rules, and we will continue to assist them as they work towards preparing their team for the Olympic Games."

Tardif was initially the one that expressed concerns for the Chinese men's hockey team and its standing in the Beijing Olympics.

"This question really arises for the men's team, not for the women's team," Tardif told Agence France-Presse. "There are going to be games for the China team that will be overseen by an IIHF official and a decision will be made afterwards. Watching a team being beaten 15-0 is not good for anyone, not for China, or for ice hockey."

The Chinese team is traditionally comprised of players from the Beijing-based Kunlun Red Star team, which plays in the Kontinental Hockey League, largely made up of teams in Russia. The IIHF currently has China ranked as the 32nd best team in the world and would face the likes of Canada and the United States in the opening round of the Olympic tournament.

The IIHF and the Chinese Ice Hockey Association are planning to schedule two games with the Chinese national team "in a joint effort to evaluate the status of the team's preparation" for the 2022 Olympics. National team players will also be evaluated while playing for the Red Star.

In addition, the IIHF and the Chinese Ice Hockey Association will watch games on Nov. 15 and 17, which will feature eligible national team players. Following those observations, the IIHF will meet again "to discuss the next steps."

The 2022 Beijing Olympics are slated to begin on Feb. 4, 2022.