Bode Miller apologizes for blaming a female skier's poor results on getting married

The uncomfortable moments continue for NBC at the Olympics. And the latest flap involves its own talent in the announcing booth. Bode Miller, who had already been taking guff on Twitter for his monotone analysis of the alpine events in Pyeongchang, got himself in trouble during Wednesday night's broadcast of the first run of the women's giant slalom when he stated that one skier's marriage was to blame for her slumping results.

Said Miller, of Austria's Anna Veith, who won gold in the super-G and a silver in the giant slalom at the 2014 Sochi Games, and also clinched World Cup overall titles in 2014 and 2015, but tore her ACL before the start of the 2016 season: 

"The knee is certainly an issue. I want to point out she also got married. And it's historically very challenging to race on the World Cup with a family or after being married. Not to blame the spouses, but I just want to toss it out there that it could be her husband's fault."  


Miller later apologized for the remarks and said he was joking. 

"I do apologize," he said. "I was an athlete that competed after marriage, and I know how beneficial it is. I know the support team you need. On Valentine's Day, I did not mean to throw spouses under the bus, and I'm going to be hearing it from my wife, I know."  

He also took to Twitter to try to nip the controversy in the bud:

But plenty of people on Twitter weren't particularly amused. 

Yeah, so it hasn't exactly been a great start for Miller  at these Winter Games. His hair-on-fire approach to ski racing made his must-see TV as an Olympian, but so far in the booth, he's sounded like he'd rather be anywhere than windy Pyeongchang. 

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