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Next month, Brisbane, Australia is expected to be announced as the host of the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Olympics. IOC president Thomas Bach said the city was the only one proposed for the 2032 games.  

The International Olympic Committee will meet ahead of the Tokyo Games and the sole proposed city is expected to be formally chosen. The IOC said what the city had to offer, from strong support of the government to their love for sport, made them the "irresistible" choice. 

Brisbane will be the first to win an Olympic bid after going unopposed. The new format also plans to make the event less expensive and gives the IOC more control of the Games.

The bid involved 32 venues and most have already been built. They have a downtown redevelopment reportedly planned for the Games.

Despite being the only candidate, IOC Vice President John Coates is not 100% ready to lock the city in yet.

"I've been around long enough to not predict how my IOC colleagues will vote. Even with one candidate, you still have to go to a vote and the majority of the members still have to say yes. They haven't said goodbye to other [potential] candidates," he said.

If they do fail to get the votes needed, Coates said it will be because some decided it was too soon to cast the vote.

"Or some will want to be satisfied when we discuss with them that we've got athletes living in three villages, not the usual concept of one," he added. "It's now permitted. I've seen some from the athletes' commission saying that the great thing about the Olympic Games is that we get all the athletes from all the teams from all the sports together. Well, they're not going to be. And I'm sure a question will come."  

The last time Australia hosted the Olympics was in 2000, in Sydney. The 2024 Summer Olympics are scheduled for Paris, the 2028 Summer Games are scheduled for Los Angeles and the 2030 Winter Games have not been awarded.