British triathletes Jessica Learmonth and Georgia Taylor-Brown disqualified as they cross finish line holding hands

Well, this is something that you don't see every day.

British triathletes Jessica Learmonth and Georgia Taylor-Brown were disqualified from an Olympic qualifying event on Thursday. The reasoning for the DQs? Learmonth and Taylor-Brown crossed the finish line together holding hands.

Learmonth and Taylor-Brown finished first and second respectively, but it was decided that intentionally crossing the finish line simultaneously was a violation of the rules. The International Triathlon Union has a rule that states that participants can't "finish in a contrived tie situation where there is no effort to separate the finish times."

Due to the hairy situation, Flora Duffy of Bermuda ended up being declared the winner of the event after she had initially finished third. In addition, Italy's Alice Betto took second while Britain's Vicky Holland rounded out the official top three after the controversy.

The race took place in Tokyo, which will be the host site for 2020 Summer Olympics. The event was a five-kilometer race rather than the usual 10 kilometers because of hot temperatures and took place in the same area where the 2020 games will be held.

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