Canadian snowboarder discusses issues outside the Sochi 'bubble'

Michael Lambert wasn’t shy when sharing his opinions.
Michael Lambert wasn’t shy when sharing his opinions. (Getty Images)

Canadian snowboarder Michael Lambert isn't scheduled to begin competing until Wednesday, but he has already made a name for himself.

After meeting with media, Lambert sounded off to a reporter from the Olympic News Service about the issues surrounding the Olympic Games in Sochi.

"I am all for the purest form of sport in which all other distractions are shed with no consideration given to anything but your own process," Lambert said, according to Bruce Arthur. "At the same time, to act like there aren’t a lot of other very controversial things at play here, it’s ignorant. It’s not real, it’s not a reality. It’s not my reality.

"Just because I am a part of (the Games) doesn’t mean I ignore it."

And Lambert was just getting started. He went on to criticize Russia's spending budget, a reported $51 billion, as well as alluding to the country's anti-LGBT propoganda law.

"These things are real and they still exist," Lambert said. "We just don’t see them because we are inside the bubble. Which is the goal —  and that’s fair. We are here to compete and they want to keep us completely detached from all of that. But that stuff is still real. That controversy is still real.

"The only people on earth who are probably going to hold perfect Games are people from Scandinavia," he continued. "They are going to be green, sustainable, be under budget and all of the buildings and services are going to be used afterwards.

"A perfect Games isn’t someone who blows the budget through the roof for no reason, has people suffer, shuts people up. How is that a perfect Games? Spends ungodly amounts of money and then we are all going to watch it rot over the next 10 years."

On Saturday, Lambert posted similar thoughts on his Instagram page.

"We've arrived.. Question is. Do I smile and nod or talk about the truth. No recycling of any kind in the village. Construction quality so poor that windows are cracking, river systems being destroyed, fleets of trucks idling for no reason, a plume of exhaust streaming from the Olympic flame. The furthest thing away from sustainability one could ever imagine. 80% of what is built here will never be used again. Best question of the day. "People say this is the "perfect games" what do you think about that ....."

Lambert will compete in two events, the men's parallel giant slalom and the men's parallel slalom.

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