Customs dispute depriving American Olympians of yogurt

American Olympians are being deprived yogurt in Sochi for the time being.
American Olympians are being deprived yogurt in Sochi for the time being. (Getty Images)

Even before the games begin in Sochi, United States Olympians are being forced to face a challenge: a lack of yogurt.

Team sponsor Chobani has been unable to ship 5,000 cups of yogurt due to a customs dispute with Russia, according to the Associated Press.

A Russian official told the AP that the Americans should have seen this coming and prevented it from getting this far.

"American officials know what the requirements are, and I do not understand why they stood to the side and waited until the situation reached this point," he said. "This question can be resolved very quickly."

And while not being able to eat yogurt seems like a tiny hurdle to overcome, some Olympians told the AP that it affects their routine, as well as deprives them of vital nutrients and protein. "Having the yogurt there, that helps you, gives you protein, gives you nutrition," U.S. skier Aaron Blanck said, sounding very much like a spokesman for Chobani.

Teammate Lyman Currier, however, just views the shortage as another obstacle to overcome.

"We all have different routines before competing but I think that part of the sport is adapting," he told the AP. "So whether we have our yogurt or not, we'll be able to adapt."

U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul said that this dispute dates back four years, and he's been working on this issue since 2012.

"Unfortunately, with this particular shipment, it came to an impasse," he said. "We are still working it, we would like our athletes to be able to have the American yogurt."

Hopefully, for the sake of American Olympians' muscles and stomach bacteria, this issue will soon be resolved.

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