Danny Boyle says the opening ceremony will be like a 'live film,' incorporate 'Peter Pan'

This may surprise you, but the opening ceremony is kind of a big deal.

After a monstrous event in 2008 in Beijing, the 2012 games are set to open with a show produced and directed by Danny Boyle, famed director of "Slumdog Millionaire" and "127 Hours." Boyle revealed in an interview Thursday that he's aiming to make the ceremony feel like a feature film, and dropped some more hints. From MSNBC.com:

Essentially, Boyle said, he is trying to create a live film. “The way you experience it on television, will feel, I hope, much more immediate and visceral than you normally get. And there'll be more close-ups, for instance, which is a way of conveying emotion.”

Boyle hopes the show, titled “Isles of Wonder,” will instill a sense of wonder in the worldwide audience. 

“The show opens with a bell being rung and a very key character from our history speaking words from ‘The Tempest': ‘Be not afraid; the isle is full of noises,’” said Boyle. The bell, which will also close the show, weighs 27 tons. 

via Danny Boyle: Opening Ceremony will be 'a live film' - TODAY in London.

Some other elements Boyle revealed: 

  • Expect a lot of references to British culture, including its most famous fictional characters. Peter-Pan is going to make a cameo, which should involve, you know, flying. (Note: For the next games held in America, can I suggest "The Rocketeer" as a response?)
  • Sir Paul McCartney will be a part of the games, and the show will directly pay homage to the Fab Four, though Doyle wouldn't confirm the famous bassist will show. We're betting LeBron James will get a kick out of that, seeing as how he's a "Heatle." 
  • There is a slight possibility that Queen Elizabeth II makes an appearance, again, which Doyle again downplayed. Which, you know, would be pretty cool. Boyle says it's "weather permitting." Can't have her catch a cold, you know.
Should be quite an exciting spectacle Friday night in London. We'll have complete coverage here on CBSSports.com.
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