Duke great Bobby Hurley congratulates USA gymnastics, takes shot at Michigan hoops

Bobby Hurley, you just won the week.

The former Duke player, who won a title in 1992 by defeating Michigan -- and the original Fab Five -- at the Final Four, took to Twitter Tuesday night following the United States gymnastics team's gold medal performance.

(They're the best ever now, don't you know?)

It was a great win for the five young girls who have been recently dubbed a different brand of Fab Five. I'm not really on board with the name, since American sports already had one such tag before. Or, I wasn't on board with it until Hurley used the identical moniker to take a shot at Chris Webber's former team.

Here's what he said on Twitter.


The Fab Five at Michigan developed a few legacies. One of them was changing the culture and image of college basketball when they, five freshmen, came along in the early '90s. I believe this was also the first appearance of swag in the college game, too. But the other stigma to the team was the fact that, for all the press and attitude and baggy shorts, they never won a title. And until graybeard Juwan Howard coattail'd his way to a title with the Heat in June, no member of that Michigan team earned a championship.

So, yeah, well-played, Bobby Hurley. And poor Jimmy King's probably going to wake up to a few text messages tomorrow morning with this news. The man's trying to live his post-Wolverine life in peace.

At least Michigan has Michael Phelps to boast about.

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