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John Tavares is done for the remainder of the season and Islanders GM Garth Snow is none too happy about it.

The reaction from the Islanders brass was all-too predictable, they wouldn't be pleased. What wasn't predictable was Snow coming out and barking about it, bemoaning the fact that his best player just suffered a major injury while playing for his country in the Olympics.

Pretty clearly, he is not a fan of NHL participation in the Games of the Olympiad as Arthur Staple of Newsday tweeted.

Again, an all-too predictable reaction. Does he have a point? Of course he does, and his anger is more than understandable. Just about every one of us would feel the same way if we were in Snow's shoes.

This will be Exhibit A when the conversation resumes about competing in the 2018 Games in South Korea, a decision that the NHL says will probably be made in the next half year. Teams aren't in love with the NHL's participation for many reasons, chief among them is this.

But the anger is a bit hollow at the same time. For one, Snow didn't complain much -- at least publically -- before Tavares went to play for Canada. In fact, he seemed upset that his player Kyle Okposo didn't make Team USA's roster. That's having one's cake and trying to eat it too.

Injuries happen and they will always be a risk. But fact is, the players really want to compete in these tournaments and so long as they have a say, that needs to be respected too. Nobody was hurt more by this than Tavares -- quite literally.

It's clear that in some way, shape or form the NHL will continue to have players in an international tournament whether it be in the Olympics or in a World Cup. It's too good for the sport of hockey itself not to. Something like this could just as easily happen in that even than at the Olympics. Not to mention this is precisely why players had contracts ensured for playing in the Olympics.