Google's latest doodle, a special homepage logo, doubled as a 100th birthday wish on Thursday -- a birthday wish for an Olympic athlete best known as "The Flying Housewife."

Depicting a woman's dash across the finish line of a track, the doodle commemorates the late Fanny Blankers-Koen, who would have been 100 on Jan. 25 and made history at the 1948 Summer Games with a quartet of gold-medal victories at age 30.

The first and only woman to accomplish such a feat at a single Olympics, Blankers-Koen was a mother of two at the time of her historic performance in London, where she took first in almost half of the nine women's events. A European Championships standout with gold medals in hurdles and the 400-meter relay, she made her Olympic debut at the 1936 Berlin Games, then emerged after World War II as the "Flying Housewife," representing the Netherlands as the oldest woman on the Olympic track.

If it weren't for a rule that prevented women from participating in more than three individual events, as CNN reported, Blankers-Koen may have eyed even more medals. Before entering the London Olympics, she dropped the long jump and high jump from her docket. And yet her performance in the other events -- 100m, 200m, 80m hurdles and 400m relay -- thrust her atop the podium four different times over the course of eight days, rewriting the path of women's sports on an international stage.

Blankers-Koen, who passed away at the age of 85 in 2004, competed in one more Olympics after London at the age of 34.