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Most Olympic athletes have a great number of people to thank, from the families that supported them to the trainers who oversaw their development, when they win a medal. For Jamaica's Hansle Parchment, that list includes a single person whose act of kindness on the streets of Tokyo meant the difference between his Olympic dreams being realized and not coming true.

According to a report by Sky News, Parchment was able to track down the stranger who helped him pay a taxi fare during the Olympics, when he took a bus to the wrong venue for his semifinal in men's 110m hurdles. Stranded and with little time to get to the track, Parchment's saving grace ended up being an Olympic volunteer named Trijana, who Parchment went back to in order to show her the gold medal he ended up winning in the event.

Parchment repaid the taxi fare that Trijana had given her, and also gave her a Jamaica t-shirt for her trouble as well.

In addition to Parchment himself, the Jamaican government is also set to reward Trijana. According to a report by The Gleaner, Trijana is now being invited to Jamaica by the government's Ministry of Tourism.

"It is selfless what she did; one would not know what the outcome would have been," said Edmund Bartlett of the Ministry of Tourism. "No matter where in the world she is, we want to reciprocate the kindness shown to one of our own."

Parchment ended up prevailing in the 110m hurdles in an event which saw Jamaican athletes take two of three places on the podium. In addition to Parchment, Ronald Levy also placed by earning the race's bronze medal. Parchment's gold medal was the first of his Olympic career and his second overall after earning bronze in the 110-meter hurdles at London 2012.