Hope Solo blasts NBC's Brandi Chastain on Twitter

After the U.S. took out Colombia in group play, Solo took on Brandi Chastain. (U.S. Presswire)

Hope Solo has never been afraid of speaking her mind. And she proved in emphatic fashion on Twitter Saturday that that's not changing anytime soon.

The U.S. goalkeeping star absolutely blasted NBC soccer analyst and U.S. World Cup legend Bradi Chastain after the U.S.'s 3-0 win over Colombia, saying she needed to "get more educated" about the current game before criticizing U.S. defenders. Her tweets:

It's not clear exactly what comment Chastain made that so infuriated Solo -- Deadspin has suggested it's Chastain's relatively criticism of a failed Rachel Buehler pass out of the back -- but what is clear is that Solo has taken more than a mild offense. It's worth remembering that Chastain isn't just someone NBC hired of the street; thanks to her iconic celebration of her World Cup-clinching penalty against China in '99, she's one of the most recognizable faces in U.S. soccer history.

That Solo doesn't care in the slightest about that -- and is willing to start what could be a media firestorm with her at the center, all on behalf of her teammate -- is an admirable quality. But the U.S is the hottest women's soccer team on the planet at the moment, and they can't want any off-field distractions rocking the boat as they focus on a third straight gold. However well they might be received in the locker room -- a place where Solo hasn't always been welcome after popping off -- her comments seem poised to become exactly that kind of distraction.

This time, it won't cost Solo any time on the field. But that doesn't mean her openness at this stage was in her team's best interests. 

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