In one loony bin, here they are: The best GIFs from the Olympics

It was the Games of the GIF, so let's look at the best GIFs of the Games. Yes, all here, right in one post. Quite an active Olympic diorama we've got below. It's the best reactions/moments/accomplishments/scares you might have missed -- or would love to see again. And again.

Andagainandagainandagain. GIFs: the GIFs that keep on GIF'ing. My thanks to all the folks who capture this quirky character trait of the Internet. I did my best to cull down about the 50 best I came across in the past two weeks.

We'll start with this. McKayla Maroney's ridiculous vault -- which didn't receive a perfect score -- compared to how they used to do vault -- in 1956.

That vault was during the all-around team competetion. Then Maroney took silver in the individual vault. She was not pleased.

McKayla Maroney is not not scared. We've found the weakness!

Look carefully.

Thank you, mama Phelps, for an all-timer.

This is German discus throw Robert Harting. Embraceable is the word that comes to mind.

Robert Harting has the jaunty spirit of a true Olympian. I LOVE THIS GUY.

Let's play the: happy or angry game. What do you think? Look, then read the next sentence. ... It is in fact after a record-setting swim.

Luck doesn't get much worse than this. In front of 80,000, no less.

I just.

Oh, I fell over. Oh, I fell over again.

Basically how I reacted any time Matt Moore tried to do a Viewer's Guide.

Stephen Feck delivers the worst dive and best GIF of these Games.

But this dude also deserves another mention. I commend his freelance style.

Can only be a viking-metal group.

What exactly do you want me to say here?

This is how I felt once I finished this post. Buckle in. We've still got a ways to GIF.

Long jumper just out-jumped the I'MABOSS line.

Getting to know Jessica Ennis was an indisputable joy.

Sanya Richards-Ross finishes out the anthem.

The whiff.

Best volleyball save you likely missed.

Best volleyball play you probalby didn't miss. Who knew you could kick? Seems like a house rule.

Most notorious GIF of the Games.

That's a spicy meat-a-bol! 

We've reached the Usain Bolt portion of the program.

If I wanted, I could've posted 12 variations of this from Bolt's three semis/finals.

Love for Blake, too. "The Beast" has a pretty great pre-race ritual for the camera. Considering starting my days blogging like this, right before turning on my laptop.

Let's have this never happen again.

Dirty tackle.

Like you and I couldn't do this with a few weeks practice.

If only we could've just let her dance.

What's it about this GIF? Give a second to hit you, and then you're allowed to laugh for five minutes.

Ka-BOOM. If only taekwondo was 90 percent this and 10 percent whatever hell else all that grappling and waiting is.

I take it back. The man dropping more than 500 pounds on his neck wasn't the scariest moment of the Olympics. The rider and the horse were OK.

May we all have a moment of chillness once per week like what K.D. found here.

Alex Morgan is a deft assassin.

Racewalking. Never take the free water from ... ANYONE.


Great Britain: quite proud with the medal inventory.

It couldn't possible get wor--

Mo Farah knows how to exclaim with his eyes better than any athlete I've seen.

Coach K Yay!

And, of course, sadly -- bloodboiling, terrifyingly -- we must leave you with this, because I now have an annual date with this synchro swimmer, deep in my nightmares. See you in Socchi.

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