On Monday, the official posters for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics were released. This year, there are 20 posters and they range in style. There were 19 artists who created the posters and explored mediums from graphic design to photography to paintings, according to the Associated Press.

Many of the posters represent the country's art of comics and cartooning known as Japanese manga, the AP pointed out. The artists took inspiration from both the Olympics and Paralympics in their work. Twelve posters highlight the Olympics while eight display images relating to the Paralympics.

Some took a less obvious approach and went with an avant-garde look for their pieces, allowing viewers to have their own interpretation of the work, what it represents and how it ties in to the Olympics. The classic Olympic rings are not represented in the posters too much this year and those who did include them did so in an innovative and fresh way.

People are able to see these one of a kind posters at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo, where they will remain until February 16.

The creation of a poster is in the "host city contract," a set of rules put in by the international Olympic committee, according to the AP. Over the years, the posters have become a staple at the games and are now collectors items.

On July 24 the Summer Olympics will begin at the National Stadium in Tokyo. The Paralympics will start on August 25.