Leslie Jones tweeting about figure skating is best thing about the Winter Olympics

Been glued to your TV ever since the Winter Olympics started? So has Leslie Jones. The "Saturday Night Live" star has been tweeting non-stop about figure skating, curling, you name it, while watching the Pyeongchang Winter Games, and she's so funny, you almost wish NBC would let her out of her "SNL" gig so she could call figure skating the next two weeks. 

No offense, Johnny Weir. But, seriously, you truly haven't experienced the Olympics until you've witnessed them through Leslie Jones' eyes. 

Here's Jones' recap of last night's figure skating free skate in the mixed team's competition. 

WARNING: Some of these tweets contain vulgar language

She asked a good question that a lot of viewers at home are probably wondering: how do these skaters not fall over after spinning like that?

Another great insight:

She's got some sizzling fashion takes. 

She's down for the home team.

And this analysis couldn't be more spot-on.

As for these two, yeah ...

During Sunday night's men's free skate, she offered up some more fashion critiques.

Adam Rippon helped convince her that the men's division was worth watching.

Jones also seems to be a big fan of Mirai Nagasu...and leg day.

She had to give major props to Russian skater Alina Zagitova after she took top honors in the women's free skate.

Jones was also super-pumped for Red Gerard's surprise gold medal in men's slopestyle, but she's worried that the trip to South Korea for his entire family is going to cut into the endorsement money he's sure to cash after the Olympics.

As for curling, Jones thinks she might be able to make it into the next Winter Olympics in 2022.

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