LOOK: Child sends USA snowboarder enthusiastic letter of support

Jamie Anderson became the first pereson to win gold in snowboard slopestyle when she took the top spot in the competition over the weekend.

But prior to winning that, a girl named Leanne felt compelled to pen Anderson a note, which she shared on Twitter Tuesday. The post included a penny -- for good luck.

The letter reads, "Dear Jamie Anderson, I’m so proud you made the Olympic team! I’ve been reading about you and you are really amazing! I learned that you like biking. I like biking too! I hope you go high and do lots of tricks and do a really good job and do a nice job on the USA team. You are really good at slopestyle snowboarding. Rub the penny to get good luck. Sincerely, Leanne"

Pretty cool. And aside from winning that neck hardware, you'd have to believe the biggest thrill for these Olympians is receiving fan mail from youngsters. Anderson's profile has become greatly enhanced since capturing gold, so she'll likely be receiving quite a few more letters in the coming weeks.

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