The 2016 Rio Olympics opening ceremony is the first time many American athletes will be introduced to an international audience -- so it's important to look good.

Many nations turn to well-known designers to create their ensembles, and the U.S. is no different -- their clothing for Friday night's opening ceremony was designed and custom-fitted by Polo Ralph Lauren.

The color scheme, as expected, is red, white and blue, but the designers also threw in a little flash -- literally. Flag bearer Michael Phelps will have a special jacket that illuminates the lettering on the back.

According to the AP, over 700 American athletes had their clothes fitted in a 12-day "team processing."

"They fit nicely. I'm super impressed," said fencer Kelley Hurley. "I like them more than the last ones. ... I'm actually going to wear them in real life."

The outfits for the closing ceremony will be similar, but more casual.