I'm wondering if photos and videos of Katie Ledecky throughout history will soon be popping up.

Because before she became the national American sports sensation she is now, Ledecky had a number of impressive cameos.

Let us look at the ways. First, we'll go all the way back to the mid 1990s, when Ledecky was less than 1 year old ... and making an appearance on The Today Show.

Then, a few years later, Ledecky found herself hanging out in a box suite at the then-MCI Center, sharing space with one Michael Jordan, who was an executive with the Washington Wizards at the time. This is really cool and really random. Ledecky likely has no memory of it, either.

The reason Ledecky was even in that situation to begin with was because her uncle had financial investments with the Washington Wizards.

It gets better. Look at MJ and Katie! It'd be great if His Airness commented on these photos at some point soon. Wonder if he even remembers that night.

Check it out: Two GOATs in one photo.

Lastly, the photo that's really making the rounds. The snapshot of what will likely go down as the greatest male and female swimmer in history ... long before they were household names.

It's Ledecky and Phelps at a meet-and-great, when Ledecky wasn't even old enough to graduate elementary school. Phelps was coming off a good showing at Athens in 2004.

I would love if these two could somehow recreate this photo at some point in the weeks following the Olympics.

Don't be surprised if, a decade from now, a photo of Ledecky posing for a picture with some future President of the United States starts making the rounds.