LOOK: Nike unveils Olympic hockey jerseys for USA, Canada

The bad news for NHL players regarding the upcoming Winter Olympics is that they won't be able to go and compete for their country on the great international stage. The good news, though, is that many of them won't have to wear the uniforms designed by Nike.

The programs for both the United States and Canada unveiled their jerseys on Wednesday morning and, well, I'll just present them without comment for the time being.

First thing's first: Out of those six jerseys, the red Canada jersey is my favorite...but that's also not saying much. 

Taste is subjective, so if you like these unis then I'm happy for you, but all three of the American jerseys get a pretty emphatic 'no' from me. It seems like this is a case of Nike trying to do too much when they really don't need to. The blueprint for great USA hockey jerseys is already out there, and it looks like this:


Red, white and blue is a great (and a somewhat easy) color palette to work with, so I'm not really sure why Nike feels the need to work in baby blue while almost completely abandoning red. It's almost like they thought they were designing a jersey for Mr. Freeze's hockey team. Very odd.

Both the US and Canada jerseys have similar themes -- they have bizarre, scale-y sleeve designs, no striping, nothing at the waist or collar, and similar modern fonts. Canada gets a slight edge on the torso design, as the maple leaf with 'CANADA' underneath is a bit more imaginative than the lackluster 'USA' fronts. 

But, again, none of the six are particularly great, especially when both countries have a history of pretty fantastic international uniforms to draw from. Hockey is a sport in which fans love to draw from history and tradition, and these uniforms seem to completely abandon that in hopes of being hip and cool. 

The end result looks more like something you'd see a motocross rider or a soccer goalkeeper wearing than it does a hockey sweater ... and that's not how you make hockey fans happy.

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