LOOK: Stunning photos from pre-Olympic Sochi

With the Olympics just days away, hundreds of media members (armed with IPhone capability and Twitter) have descended on the Russian resort town of Sochi. 

And while most of the Pre-Olympic fodder has revolved around social rights concerns, there are some stunning images that have emanated from Sochi. Here’s a compilation of some of the most impressive pictures. Feel free to contribute by tweeting @CBSSports

Here's a sense of the setting in the Olympic village. 

More of the setting from Olympic venues. 

Sochi, which lies next to the Black Sea and along the Caucasus Mountains, provides some stunning images. 

And here.

And here. 

What an incredible shot. 

Here are the moguls skiers will have to navigate. 

And here's the halfpipe Shaun White will try to conquer for the third straight time. 

How about the view from atop the long jump?

Or these two perfectly-timed shots?

Team USA's women's hockey scrimmage vs. Germany. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin with a snow leopard.

Putin with Steven Seagal.

We've already had one Sochi bathroom-related photo go viral. Perhaps here's a second one. 

There was a report yesterday that Sochi's city hall had ordered the extermination of stray dogs. Here's to hoping this one's OK. 

Now, and only now, can the Olympics start. 

Finally, here's what $51 billion can buy you. 

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