LOOK: Tokyo's 2020 Olympic mascots have been shortlisted, and Twitter loves them

Who ya got for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics?  @tokyo2020

We now know exactly one thing about the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games: The mascots are going to be the absolute best. On Wednesday, the official Tokyo 2020 Twitter account gave the shortlist of proposed Olympic mascots, and they are everything you would hope for from an artistic culture as unique as Tokyo.

On Friday, the account dropped a bit of lore on the B characters, because of course it did.

They're best friends and good rivals! So that's good. This isn't a Gary from Pokemon situation, where he just kind of hates his rival. Honestly, A & C are arguably the better mascots here. A reminds me a little bit of Digimon, the cool dudes that just walk around with their companions and hang out. But C -- C is where is it's at. Look at those guys! They're so happy to even be considered. They're just waving, like "I don't know why I'm being nominated for this, I don't know how I got here, but if you voted for me that would be swell."

Japanese schoolchildren will be voting for the winners. As ABC explains, this is a big deal. Where to Americans mascots are often silly things in big costumes that entertain us, in Japan mascots are a huge part of the culture. Everything has a mascot, and the mascot that is chosen will be representing the country on an international stage. The children have until February to cast their ballots.

Twitter, of course, is all about these guys. One user wants to forget the vote and make a mascot Voltron.

Another harkened back to mascots of the past, particularly the world's best, dumbest mascot: Hero the Hedgehog.

Still another realized that the fox is all of us.

It's no wonder these guys are such a sensation. Frankly, they're adorable, and I want to own one. But ultimately it's up to the children of Japan to decide who the winner is, as it should be.

One person is still holding out hope for a classic character, however. Ryan Reynolds.

The internet obviously won't be happy unless C wins, but that's just the way it goes. A traumatized fox and a displaced raccoon are a pretty good personification of Twitter. Once the votes are in come February, we'll know just how on the same page we are with Tokyo for the vision of these games.

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