Mongolian coaches who stripped to underwear in protest receive punishment

There's a lot of talk about protest in the sports world these days. Some disagree on what is and is not an appropriate way to express discontent and promote change.

One form of protest, however, is pretty much universally rejected: stripping down to your underwear.

Two Mongolian wrestling coaches who furiously shed their clothes after what they felt was an unfair decision during the Rio Olympics have been suspended for three years by United World Wrestling, according to an AP report.

The Mongolian coaches chose an interesting way to protest an Olympic decision. USATSI

Uzbekistan's Ikhtiyor Navruzov took the bronze over Mandakhnaran Ganzorig in the 65kg class because Ganzorig, from Mongolia, celebrated prematurely. This proved costly for both Ganzorig's medal hopes and his coaches' public images.

The verdict came in, and the clothes came off.

Who throws a shoe? Honestly!

The coaches, Tserenbaatar Tsogbayar and Byambarinchen Bayaraa, were suspended, and Mongolia's national federation has been fined just over $50,000 for the incident.

Can't imagine they reacted too well when they got the news.

The Mongolian coaches created one of the lasting memories from Rio. Getty Images
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