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A test event for the gymnastics portion of the upcoming Summer Olympics in Tokyo has been canceled, according to the Japan Gymnastics Association and International Gymnastics Federation (FIG).  The event was slated to have competitors from outside of the Games' host country.

The All-Around World Cup was originally scheduled for May 4 and was supposed to be the last of a collection of competitions meant to double as qualifiers for the upcoming Tokyo Games. Other scheduled events in this series were meant to take place in Germany and Britain, but the global pandemic also led to the cancellation of those events.

This event will be restructured so that only Japanese gymnasts will compete, and also test the venues that the Olympics are meant to take place in.

Conflicting reports have emerged over the certainty of whether the Games will actually happen this summer as Tokyo has gone through new lockdowns in response to rising coronavirus cases back in January. Since then, however, new cases have been declining, along with deaths. Regardless, this event being canceled can't be seen as a positive sign. At the same time, Japan has recently begun a public inoculation campaign for the public.

As things currently stand, the Tokyo Olympics are set to take place on July 23 and last until Aug. 8.