Olympic Overview: Still pulsating from that soccer epic

Lolo Jones qualified for the 100-meter semis by running a heat-best 12.68 seconds on Monday.  (US Presswire)

Five thoughts to match the five Olympic rings for what transpired Monday in London.

1. One of the greatest American soccer games ever. Seems like a heavy phrase, yeah? It's not. My colleague Jerry Hinnen summed up what the game was, what it meant, how incredible those 123 minutes were all in this column. Read it. Alex Morgan, already a soccer celebrity, just became the newest female superstar to be borne out of these Games. I hope you saw it all. The Navy soccer team did. <-- That picture wins the day. I'm no soccer honk and even I was enraptured by the all-time semifinal.

2. Gabby goes out with a thud. Gabby Douglas' uneven bars routine from Monday was only noteworthy for how poorly she performed. Douglas took last in the event, but ultimately, that won't matter much. It's a bummer for her now, but she's still an American sweetheart and a gold medal winner in the two most important gymnastic events at these Games.

3. Hoops team too good? Feels like it. I agree with Doyel, god help me. The U.S. men's team is just way, way, way too good. It's been like this for two straight Games, and for most of the Olympics of the past 20 years. The stakes just don't feel threatened. And when they do, when it's our pros not playing to expectation, like eight years ago, then it doesn't feel like an upset -- it feels like they don't care. I'm OK with going young because the field will not only feel leveled, but we'll get more a civic pride backing players barely old enough to drink. Move the Olympic hoop age to 23 and you'll see the interest and emotion attached to men's basketball get as close to 1992 as we'll ever see again.

4. Quitter's games. Did you see the story of the Algerian runner who made a mockery of the 800? I said my peace in that post, but the greater issue of concern here is just how prevalent quitting or intentionally tanking has become at these Olympics. It's now reached a point where, even if a team or athlete doesn't lose intentionally, suspicions of it arise.

5. More drunk Lochte, please. I fully endorse Olympic athletes binging themselves silly the second their obligations to the Games expires. You knew the London tabloids would go bonkers over Ryan Lochte hitting da clubz over the weekend. I say the Games haven't truly been won until we get a photo of Phelps passed out on a dewy London lawn, shirt off, face-up in a dead-cricket pose.

Biggest non-story of the day: Serena Williams and her crip walk. You know what I'm talking about. I won't even do the "story" justice by linking to any piece about it. There are 2.53 million things better to discuss about these Games, and I might be undershooting it there.

In case you missed it: The American gold medal performance you missed from Monday ... McKayla Maroney "bitchface" has now become a thing the Internet will run with ... OHMYGODICAN'TEVEN ... this discovery about Katie Ledecky is pretty nuts ... just when you think you couldn't love Usain Bolt any more than you already do ...

GIF of the Day:

GIF of the Day, Part Two:

I can't just stop with that one. Check out this failsauce. Middle of the dive comes and suddenly he's bailing on the routine, on the event, on the Olympics, because our diver's apparently heard Poseidon's sirens and immediately plunges for the tunnel back to his water god's lair.

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