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As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Tokyo Olympics is going to look different than past Game in many ways. One of those is that Tokyo officials are considering banning alcohol in Olympic Village -- a location that has been the center of parties at Games past. According to the Associated Press, organizers will make a decision on the matter by the end of the month

While banning alcohol in private rooms may be difficult, Tokyo organizing committee CEO Toshiro Muto believes that an Olympic Village ban on alcohol could make sense. The potential decision to ban drinking is related to the elevated number of COVID-19 cases throughout Tokyo and other areas of Japan.

"In the case that they were to drink inside their own rooms — this is equivalent to cases where we are drinking in our own home." Muto said. "Can we prohibit that? That's not conceivable. It would be very difficult to do so."

Tokyo is currently under a state of emergency until at least June 20 as a result of an increase in COVID-19 cases. It's unclear if the state emergency will be extended.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, 50-80 percent of Japanese residents are against holding the Tokyo Olympics.

In addition, those that are entering Japan for the Olympics are going to be tested twice before leaving and again once they arrive in Japan. Those people will be quarantined for the first 13 days that they arrive in Japan.

The Tokyo Olympics are set to get underway on July 23 and run through Aug. 8.