Twitter's not sure if Mikaela Shiffrin knows what 'Netflix and chill' means

Olympic skiing phenom Mikaela Shiffrin is 22 years old, so saying that she doesn't know what "Netflix and chill" means is a hard sell. This is a family site, so go ahead and hit up "Urban Dictionary" if you don't know either. In an interview next to her mom speaking to Katie Couric that aired prior to the Opening Ceremony on NBC, Shiffrin said that sometimes she just wants to "Netflix and chill" rather than train. The best part? No one really reacted.

Well, no one in the room. Twitter had some stuff to stay. Some people think that Shiffrin genuinely didn't know what it meant.

Others just wanted to shoot their shot.

And still others just think it was a misunderstanding.

So all of you moms out there, give your daughters some space. Because if you don't, then she might declare on national television that she just wants to "Netflix and chill" -- while you're sitting right next to her. Let's just hope that phrase didn't catch Shiffrin's mom's ear. If she goes home and searches for it, she might need to talk to her daughter.

Then again, if Shiffrin earns gold, maybe her mom will decide she's earned it. But all of you guys out there shooting your shots, remember, the Olympic Village tends to have these things covered too.

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