Opening ceremony setting has olde-English-village look

We're 99.9 percent certain the Twitter feed for U.S. track and running magazine Runner's World wasn't supposed to send out this photo of the current look of London's Olympic stadium ahead of Friday night's blockbuster opening ceremony.

But they did. So here it is:

We've known for weeks that Oscar-winning movie director Danny Boyle's blockbuster ceremony would feature live, er, livestock (among other more recently revealed details), so the idealized rural English village motif isn't a surprise. If there's any problem, it's that it maybe looks a little too idealized, like something from the Legend of Zelda's kingdom of Hyrule than any actual location.

Of course, this is supposed to be a giant, ridiculous show -- Boyle has compared it to film many times -- so we're not actually complaining. And if a green-suited actor pops into that house in the center of the arena during the ceremony and comes out with a bottle of red potion and a new shield, we're going to start our own cult devoted to Boyle this very evening.

HT: Deadspin.

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