Paralympian falls, gets back up during inspirational opening ceremony moment

The Paralympics serve as an inspiration to us all to never give up on our dreams. We were treated to a perfect example of that determination at Wednesday night's opening ceremony in Rio de Janeiro.

As Paralympian Maria Malsar was carrying the torch toward the flame, she lost her balance and fell to the ground, dropping the torch in the process.

However, Malsar -- who has cerebral palsy -- immediately got back up, picked up the torch and continued on her path.

As the crowd erupted in applause Malsar, a four-time Paralympic track medalist for Brazil in the 1980s, finished her leg of the torch relay and handed it off to the next person.

Though events hadn't yet begun, the Paralympic spirit was already on display at Maracana Stadium. Competition began on Thursday and the games conclude on Sept. 18.

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