Paris, Los Angeles confirmed as hosts for 2024 and 2028 Summer Olympics

The 2024 and 2028 Olympic Games finally have their homes. After a furious bidding process that ultimately culminated in a deal between the International Olympic Committee and Los Angeles, the IOC officially announced Wednesday that Paris and Los Angeles will host the 2024 and 2028 games, respectively. The announcement came after both countries summarized their bids for the next games.

Paris has been bidding for the Summer Games for ages, and after three failed attempts, they were finally awarded the games. IOC president Thomas Bach spoke on the decision, calling the result a "win-win situation for Paris, Los Angeles and the entire Olympic movement." Bach also said it was an ideal opportunity for the IOC to break form and award two games at once, something that it rarely does.

Although Los Angeles didn't get its desired result, it was a concerted effort to do so. They made a pitch to host the games based on the romantic nature of Hollywood and how legends are made. Paris, meanwhile, focused on its backdrop -- a plethora of landmarks that would give the games the grand feel that they deserve. Once it became apparent that Paris would beat Los Angeles out for 2024, Los Angeles made an undisclosed deal with the IOC that would award Paris the 2024 games and Los Angeles the 2028 games. 

This will be the first games hosted in the United States since 1996 in Atlanta, whereas Paris will host on the 100-year anniversary of the last time they hosted the games in 1924. It's been an arduous process for both cities to this point, but with the games finally awarded, they can turn to preparing for their hosting bouts. Hosting the Olympics is an extremely expensive endeavor that takes intensive preparations, and they'll need all of the prep that they can get.

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