PHOTO: Ralph Lauren debuts 2012 Team USA opening ceremony uniforms

Behold, courtesy of Ralph Lauren, the uniforms that will be worn by Team USA during the opening ceremonies:

From left, that's swimmer Ryan Lochte, decathlete Bryan Clay, rower Giuseppe Lanzone and soccer player Heather Mitts. And if you've wondered if you could plug select Olympic athletes into a Ralph Lauren fashion shoot and never notice the difference, the answer is clearly yes. (As an aside: between the unfortunate Clay's appearances in multiple pre-Olympic promotional campaigns and the infamous failure of "Dan and Dave," we're going to call for a moratorium on using decathletes in said campaigns until after the Olympics, please and thank you.)

As for the uniforms themselves, they're exactly what you'd expect from Lauren after the designer's efforts for the 2008 and 2010 Games: classy, handsome, appropriate for the occasion, and distinctly American-feeling. We're particularly digging the scarf on the women's outfit, and though there's something vaguely nautical about the men's look, vaguely nautical should work in London. Excutive Vice President David Lauren told the Today Show during their unveiling the outfits were "very inspired by the 1948 Games, which is the last time that American competed in England," and represented an "updated take on old-world elegance." 

We find it hard to argue with that. But is it possible they're too elegant? Is it a problem that this is, after all, exactly what you'd expect from Lauren after the designer's efforts for the 2008 and 2010 Games? Check out the 2008 edition:

So the jacket's gone double-breasted, the hat's gone navy (and gotten some distracting stripes added), and the women's look got a skirt and the scarf ... as far as changes go, that's about it.

Those adjustments have been for the better where the women's outfit is concerned, in our opinion, but overall, are we out of line in thinking -- particularly given the similarities between the new look and the old -- that a little more pizzazz would have been a good thing? That given the eight years between summer assignments, the envelope could have been pushed a little further?

Maybe we shouldn't complain; goodness knows things could be worse:

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