PHOTO: U.S. flag falls during Serena Williams' gold medal ceremony

It was a really windy day at Wimbledon as Serena Williams blew through (pun intended) Maria Sharapova 6-0, 6-1 to win the women's singles gold medal on Saturday. The blustery conditions didn't seem to bother the American but it did affect her medal ceremony at the All England Club a few minutes later.

As the flags were being raised, it seems as though the stars and stripes wasn't completely secured to the mast as it broke loose and fell down to the railing below while the Russian and Belarussian flags were raised to the top of centre court without it. It certainly made things a bit awkward but several reports say the three competitors all shared a laugh about the situation before the Star Spangled Banner was played for Williams.

Who knows, maybe the Brits are still mad about that whole independence thing in 1776 and took a small, small measure of revenge by, gasp, letting Old Glory fall down.

There's a good chance Williams and her sister Venus will roll through to a gold medal in women's doubles so let's just hope the fine folks at Wimbledon do a better job securing the red, white and blue the next time.

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