PHOTOS: A look at the best and biggest sites in London

The famous Tower Bridge. I've always wondered, are there offices in that thing? A table-tennis room? (US Presswire)

Picture galleries have become such a thing on the Internet in the past year. If you've followed Eye on College Basketball, you know this to be true. Best of all? They are picture galleries -- not slideshows. (Death to the slideshow, post haste.)

Now that we're officially less than two weeks away -- seriously, the Olympics, technically, start next week -- I thought it'd be best to let you see just how cool and/or ridiculous some of the stadia/arenas of this year's Olympiad are. Take a look at greater London and what's housing the competition.

What I also want to know, but cannot answer right now, is what all these structures can and will be used for once everyone packs up and gets out of town by mid-August. I mean, how often does someone call up and ask if they can rent out a handball arena?

Here they are, some of the biggest structures around The Smoke.

This twisted Transformer-like edifice is the ArcelorMittal Orbit Sculpture. It's 377 feet tall and considered the "largest piece of art" in England. It stands between Olympic Stadium and the Aquatics Center, and is a sight-seeing tourist destination; you can view almost all Olympic structures from the nest. (Getty Images)
To the left, there, we've got the velodrome, people! The basketball arena is on the right. Looks like a half-cooked bag of microwaveable popcorn. (Getty Images)
Velodrome, from the inside. I just love saying velodrome. Velodrome: where death finds life. Or something. (Getty Images)
Aerial view of the Lee Valley White Water Centre. Looks like an awesome summer park ride, but in actuality this is where canoe slalom will go down. Oh, you don't think it looks like much? (Getty Images)
How you like your short little river now? You're so near-dead if you tried this tomorrow. (Getty Images)
Handball arena. Hell, yeah. Makes me nostalgic for those eighth-grade gym classes. I wish handball had a real grip on American sports fans. This is our greatest athletic challenge of the next century. (Getty Images)
Water Polo Arena looks great from the inside ... (Getty Images)
... but even better on the outside. Gorgeous, as it sits on the River Thames. (Getty Images)
This is the Hockey Centre, where all field hockey will be played out. When you're field hockey, you gotta do something to standout. Simple green-on-green turf isn't cutting it. (Getty Images)
Aerial view of the Stamford Bridge stadium. They'll need a few places to play the soccer games. (Getty Images)
God's pencil holder, otherwise known as North Greenwich Arena on the River Thames. Gymnastics and basketball will be played under the spiky roof. (US Presswire)
Wembley Stadium, of course for soccer. The arch kind of bugs me and I can't tell you why. (US Presswire)
The Olympic Village, where all the sexy time takes place. (US Presswire)
Aerial view of the Olympic Park, including the Olympic Stadium, the warmup track (far left), the ArcelorMittal Orbit, the Aquatics Centre, right, and Water Polo Arena (behind the Aquatics Centre). (US Presswire)
Olympic Stadium from above. This is a recent shot, and you can see the beginnings of set-building and placement for the Opening Ceremony, which will have a pasture- and English countryside-like feel to it. (US Presswire)
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