Reports: Music, history to play big role at opening ceremonies

Fisht Stadium will host the opening ceremonies on Friday. (USATSI)

As with seemingly everything associated with the Winter Olympics, expect the opening ceremonies in Sochi to be extravagant. 

Many of the details regarding Friday’s opening ceremonies have been kept under wraps, but one report from Russian news agency RiaNovosti, citing a few volunteers who claim to have seen a portion of the practice run, called the show amazing.

“It was simply fantastic,” one on-looker said. “I had high hopes but it exceeded my expectations.”

So just what does Russia have planned for Fisht Stadium on Friday at 11 a.m ET?

“It shows all of Russian history, apart from the revolution,” one Olympic Park worker said. “There is no Lenin or Stalin.” 

Per the report: “Among the scenes depicted are the 14th-century Battle of Kulikovo, the epic war with Napoleon’s forces, and World War II.” There’s also reportedly a tribute to the 1930’s industrialization of Russia, which shouldn’t come without controversy as many died during this period.

Expect dance – specifically the waltz – to play a prominent role, as it does in Russian culture, the report said.

Per the Moscow Times, the ceremony will include Russia’s biggest points of pride, including “classical music, ballet, the cities of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Russian avant-garde art and architecture.”

A number of musical acts will be part of the ceremonies as well, but which ones, specifically, remain a secret. Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova confirmed to the news agency that she would be part of the celebration as well but declined to elaborate on her role.

With a $50 billion dollar price tag to these games, it’s fair to assume the opening ceremonies – the world’s introduction to Putin’s brainchild – will be a sight to see. 

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