Update: 10:24 p.m.: Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz were removed from their flights back to the United States for further investigation into the incident involving four Team USA swimmers, including Ryan Lochte, according to multiple reports. Lochte has already flown back home, but fellow swimmer Jimmy Feigen is still missing.

The four were allegedly robbed at gunpoint on Sunday after leaving a party at France House. The swimmers who were pulled from their flights will not be allowed to leave Brazil until they testify about the robbery, according to the Associated Press.

Patrick Sandusky, the United States Olympic Committee spokesperson issued the following statement:

"Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz were detained Wednesday night shortly before their flight was scheduled to depart from Rio. They were released by local authorities with the understanding that they would continue their discussions about the incident on Thursday. James Feigen is also communicating with local authorities and intends to make further statements regarding the incident on Thursday as well. We will continue to provide updated information as it is appropriate."

More details are still to come.

Original story: Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte, along with "at least one of his teammates," was supposedly robbed at gunpoint over the weekend in Rio, according to Lochte's mother. At the time of the report, however, according to the Associated Press, the IOC, USOC, Lochte and his personal coach said the report was false.

As it turns out, the amount of conflicting information is only growing. In an interview with USA Today Sports on Tuesday, Lochte said he was, in fact, robbed and that "he initially did not tell the U.S. Olympic Committee... 'because we were afraid we'd get in trouble.'"

Lochte's account of the alleged incident, per USA Today, is as follows:

"We got pulled over, in the taxi, and these guys came out with a badge, a police badge, no lights, no nothing just a police badge and they pulled us over," Lochte said. "They pulled out their guns, they told the other swimmers to get down on the ground -- they got down on the ground. I refused, I was like we didn't do anything wrong, so -- I'm not getting down on the ground.

"And then the guy pulled out his gun, he cocked it, put it to my forehead and he said, 'Get down,' and I put my hands up, I was like 'whatever.' He took our money, he took my wallet -- he left my cell phone, he left my credentials."

However, Rio Police say Lochte and other swimmers were "unable to provide key details" about the incident. Lochte claims he was intoxicated and could not remember, among other things, the location of the robbery. Surveillance footage shows the swimmers arriving back at Olympic Village just before 7 a.m.

Also, according to USA Today, a Brazilian judge ordered Lochte and his teammate Jimmy Feigen to remain in Rio but police couldn't locate them in the athletes' village. A search and seizure warrant has been issued for Lochte and Feigen. However, Lochte's father told the Associated Press that the swimmer already is back in the U.S.

To recap, Lochte was reportedly robbed at gunpoint... and then he wasn't... and then he was... but it can't be proven by police. Stay tuned.