Russia in line to claim Sochi Winter Olympics Medal Count title

Russia's four-man bobsled is in first place after two runs. (USATSI)
Russia's four-man bobsled is in first place after two runs. (USATSI)

With just one day and three events remaining in the Winter Olympics, Russia is in line to claim the overall title of most medals.

The only medal events left Sunday are four-man bobsled, men's cross-country mass start and men's hockey.

Russia currently has 29 medals, while the United States is second at 27. Norway is third with 26 and Canada and the Netherlands are tied at 24.

Here is how the final day looks to shape out:

Men's hockey: Canada and Sweden will obviously both win medal, just depends which color. For this exercise, it doesn't matter, so we'll give them each one. Medals: Canada 1, Sweden 1.

Four-man bobsled: Russia is currently in first place after two runs and baring a disaster will pick up one. Latvia, Germany and the United States are all battling for the remaining two. We'll predict best case scenario for team USA and predict they will win bronze. Medals: Russia 1, Germany 1, United States 1.

Men's cross country mass start 50k: Norway's Petter Northug is the defending champion, so expect him to pick up either gold or silver. Germany's Axel Teichmann should also content for at least a bronze. The third medal is up for grabs where Norway and Germany could snag a second one, but we'll predict Sweden or somebody else gets that last one. Medals: Norway 1, Germany 1, Sweden 1.

That adds up to Russia claiming 30 medals, while the United States finishes second at 28. That's quite a difference from Vancouver in 2010 where the US had 37 overall medals and Russia only had 15.

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