Russia should face new four-year global ban, World Anti-Doping Agency committee proposes

One of the major World Anti-Doping Agency committees has proposed that Russia face a four-year ban for violating doping regulations, according to The New York Times.

A global sports ban for Russia at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics would mean:

  • Russian athletes would have to compete in uniforms not bearing their country's flag or name
  • The Russian flag would never be raised
  • The country's anthem would not be played if an athlete were to win gold 

British lawyer Jonathan Taylor leads the WADA group that suggested the ban and has been long investigating the country's doping usage. They previously found Russian was knowingly altering a database of test results, the Times reported. 

The ruling on the current matter is presumed to come when the WADA committee meets in Paris on December 9. The Court of Arbitration for Sport can appeal whatever decision is made. 

Russia has long been the subject of scandals and bans and, according to Times, the WADA board is expected to agree with Taylor's latest ban suggestions. If this is the case, a similar situation to the 2018 Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea would occur where the athletes with no record of doping followed behind the Olympic flag. Those athletes were referred to as "Olympic Athlete from Russia."

A new ban would not just impact the Olympics, but other international play as well, according to The Times. Under the newest ban proposal, Russian officials would not be allowed to attend sporting events and the country would not be allowed to bid on or host any event within those four years.

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