Russian officials searching for possible Sochi terrorist threat

Russian security officials may be looking for a female suicide bomber who has already breached the security ring around Sochi, CBS News reported.

According to an NBC News report, security officials tasked with securing Sochi could be looking for up to four "black widows" attempting to threaten the upcoming Winter Olympics.

The suspected terrorist is believed to be the widow of an Islamic extremist killed by Russian officials last year, USAToday reported. She may be affiliated with Caucasus Emirate -- a terrorist group led by Doku Umarov -- which has publically threatened attacks on next month’s Games. 

Posters describe the young woman as having a limp in her right leg and a four-inch scar on her cheek.

The security threat level for the Games, which begin on Feb. 7, have been described as unprecedented, and as many as 40,000 Russian security officials have been dispatched to Sochi for protection. As a precautionary measure, the US is stationing two warships and several aircraft near Sochi should there be a need for a quick evacuation. 

The ships and planes will be there "if something happens like a major terrorist attack and we need to get Americans out," one official told CNN.

Last month there were two bombings in Volgograd (which is about 400 miles away from Sochi) that killed 34 people. An Islamic militant group took responsibility for those attacks on Sunday. 

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