Ryan Callahan's pregame ritual involves 'Toddlers and Tiaras'

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Athletes in all sports have their own way of getting ready for games. We're all creatures of habit but it seems as though pro athletes are run by ritual more than any other profession out there. Routines are important.

Rangers captain and Team USA forward Ryan Callahan is no different. Well OK, he's no different in that he has his routine, it's just that his routine is probably quite different than most of the macho hockey players out there.

Prior to his pregame nap, Callahan likes to watch some television. He used to enjoy Law & Order until he realized the show wasn't always available so he has switched it up. Now his pregame shows of choice? Try Desperate Housewives, Real Housewives (we assume the city doesn't matter) and Toddlers and Tiaras. Talk about your getting pumped up.

Hey, whatever works, works and we're not going to knock the guy. He's still as tough as players get in the NHL, willing to block a shot any time he gets the chance. Plus he had 18 points on the season in 31 games.

The quick video above in which Callahan is slightly coy about it is a good reminder that he's one of the good guys in hockey. An even better example is what he is doing in teaming up with TD Ameritrade prior to the Olympic Games. The company is sponsoring Callahan at the Games and has paired him up with a Paralympic ice sledge hockey player whom Callahan will mentor in hopes of helping him represent the USA in 2018 at the Paralympics.

The mentorship includes a trip to Sochi with Callahan for Chris Douglas, the mentee. To help raise funds for the trip, whenever the hashtag #ItAddsUp is tweeted, funds will be added to the effort and add to an investment account for future training costs for Douglas.

"I am excited to spend some time with Chris in Sochi -- he is certainly someone who knows more than I do about overcoming challenges to reach goals in life," Callahan said. "It will be fun to share some of my Olympic experience with a Paralympic hopeful who is chasing the same dream I had at his age."

The burning question now is if Callahan is going to get Douglas hooked on Toddlers and Tiaras.

To learn more about the #ItAddsUp campaign with TD Ameritrade and other US Olympians, visit here.

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