Ryan Lochte will again wear diamond grill at Olympics, so now all we can do is wait

Lochte's hardware goes beyond Olympic medals. (AP)

Listen, you live your life, you primarily cover college basketball for a living, and sometimes things just slip by your sports-and-fashion radar. Things like prestigious American male swimmers having a penchant for owning -- thus intentionally and inevitably flashing -- diamond grills.

I'm not even comfortable typing the phrase "diamond grills," but here goes nothin'.

Apparently, this is who Ryan Lochte is. Has been this way for a while, as you can see. Yeah, the world looks a bit different now, doesn't it? You're probably confused at this point, like when you can't tell if a drunken buddy is really telling you off or poorly attempting jovial jocularity under the mask aided by those four tall boys at dinner.

Lochte recently did a quick fashion-slanted interview with USA Today's Arienne Thompson, and in the interview he reemphasized his intentions to bring out the bling after presumably he wins medal after medal in London. We're not talking one accessory. There is a roster.

At first I thought, If my Photoshop ingenuity wasn't at a basic level, I'd love to whip up some sort of diamond-grill artistry to give you a good idea of what this would look like. Then again, what beats the images of our imagination?

Alas, such inward imagination isn't needed, as Lochte's history with oral luminosity has already been compiled on the Internet. Get a good look at Lochte's history with mouth metal and realize you don't know this man at all.

Here's what he told USA Today:

You have a collection of diamond grills. Any chance you can convince Ralph Lauren to design one for you for 2016?

I don't think a grill is in (the Ralph Lauren) accessory line-up, lol ! Yes, I am wearing one in London, and I wear them because they are different and fun. That's my personality.

There you go. (Also, do they snap? Snug? Is this like putting in a retainer, because I have a history with that.) And the "lol !" part is just confusing until you realize Lochte has done this interview via email. In which case, he probably was wearing a grill as he responded. I hope he was, anyway.

If you want more of this treasure trove, open this door and see more.

Lochte's first Olympic race will be held on July 28, the 400-meter individual medley.

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