Shaun White announced on Tuesday that he plans to compete in the world skateboarding championships, putting him on a path to the Tokyo 2020 Games for the sport's first ever Olympic slot. 

The three-time Olympic gold medalist in snowboarding has seen success in skateboarding as well, with a record five gold medals in the X-Games skateboarding competition. 

White said he needed some time to reflect on what he would do next, and after spending more time skateboarding decided to announce his next move. 

"First steps are first, I'm really exciting to see the fact that skateboarding is in the Olympics now. I've been watching the competitions lately. I've been really inspired, doing a lot of skating myself this summer. ...I thought why don't I test the waters, compete a little and see what happens. After that I'll probably make the big announcement of what I'm going to do," White said on The TODAY Show.

While the 32-year-old has experience on a skateboard, his X-Games medals came in the vert, which will not be offered in the Olympic program.

He wants to not only be known as one of the greatest snowboarders ever, but as one of the greatest skateboarders as well, and is now starting to focus on the latter, "That was a goal of my life to really pursue skateboarding and snowboarding and try to be the best at both. I really took a backseat to skateboarding in my career when snowboarding really took off. I've been skating since I was a little kid."

His Olympic path will not be easy, with only 20 spots available in each discipline (park and street) and one spot going to the host country and three to the top finishers are world championship events. but if he makes the cut he would be skating for history. White is the first to ever win gold in both in the summer and winter X-Games, but an Olympic gold medal in skateboarding would make him just the second to secure such a metal in both a winter and summer sport. Eddie Eagan is the only one who currently holds that title, winning a gold medal in the 1920 summer games in boxing and the 1932 winter games in bobsled.