Shaun White on if he'll compete at 2018 Games: 'I think so'

When asked if he'd compete in 2018, White said,
"When asked if he'd compete in 2018, White said, "I think so." (USATSI)

Have we seen that last of Shaun White in the Winter Olympics? Most likely not.

White appeared on NBC's "Today" on Wednesday morning, and he was interviewed by Matt Lauer. You can see the sit-down here.

"I don't think it makes or breaks my career, one night," White said of his fourth-place showing in Tuesday's halfpipe final.

Given White's disappointing finish in his signature event, Lauer asked if this was it for the Flying Tomato in Olympic competition. Will he attempt to compete in the 2018 Games?

"I think so," White said, as fans behind the interview set cheered. "What do you guys think? I need everybody now more than ever."

He also said "I think so" when asked if this year's halfpipe event and the lead-up to it led to White feeling more pressure. He pulled out of the slopestyle event, which brought criticism and smack talk from his contemporaries, but he added he "still sticks" by the choice not to compete in that event.

"I wish I could say I was a little better, but I'm all right," White said, adding, "It's tough. I've dealt with this a lot when I was younger. ... It feels like old times, I guess."

If he's able to compete at the 2018 Games in South Korea, White will be 31 -- considered elderly in the sport of elite snowboarding competition. White has two Olympic golds, both in men's halfpipe, won in 2006 and 2010.

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