Simone Biles wins record title at U.S. Gymnastics Championships, builds momentum for 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Simone Biles just continues to dominate on the biggest stages in gymnastics. 

That trend she started leading up to the 2016 Rio Olympics continued over the weekend when Biles won a record sixth all-around title at the United States Gymnastics Championships in Kansas City, Missouri.

In addition to winning her sixth national title, Biles made history on multiple occasions throughout the event. On Sunday, she became the first woman in history to land a triple double (a triple twist with a double flip in the air) in the floor exercise competition.

BIles' sensational weekend didn't end there. The four-time Olympic gold medalist also became the first gymnast in history to land a double-twisting somersault on the balance beam.

"I feel like you carry that momentum through the entire meet," Biles said. "The other day, I was doing angry gymnastics, and I was just really upset. Then today, it was just like back to normal and happy."

Now Biles will shift her focus towards the United States' next meet in Stuttgart, Germany in October. The United States won the 2018 German meet and will be looking to defend their crown as their focus shifts towards the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

In the world championships in Germany, the top 10 United States finishers are named to the national team for the Olympics.

"Right now, I feel like it's a good peak," Biles said. "But we don't want to change too much going into next year. You kind of just want to stay consistent with your routines. If any upgrades come, you'll see."

As the 2020 Olympics draw closer and closer, Biles and the United States are ready for their next challenge and continue to build strong momentum.

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