Snowboarder's phone crashes due to flood of pictures of naked women

Alexey Sobolev is a marketing genius. (USATSI)

Despite missing out on the slopestyle finals, Russian snowboarder Alexey Sobolev is taking full advantage of his Olympic experience. 

Last week, Sobolev rode a snowboard featuring a knife-wielding masked woman --  a possible reference to the feminist band Pussy Riot, which was arrested following a controversial show in Moscow. 

Next the 22-year-old marketing genius sported his phone number on his helmet during qualifying, and predictably, his inbox eventually flooded. Included in the thousands of text messages were dozens of pictures of naked women.

“I’m definitely going to call them,” Sobolev told Yahoo, probably only 10-percent-joking.

Give him a call. (Photo via

At one point on Friday, his iPhone was so flooded that it just shut down, unable to handle the deluge of newfound suitors.

The IOC eventually made him cover up the phone number on his helmet, but the damage (reward?) had already been done.

“Yesterday, some guys from USA and Canada [sent messages]. Some girls sent me photos. But Russian girls: The best!” he said. 

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